Full Unity Support Coming To Xbox One Next Year

#1Dev445Posted 9/12/2013 11:23:25 AM
by Kyle Hilliard

It was reported recently that Unity support was coming to Xbox One this year. Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has offered a clarifying statement that Unity will be available for Xbox One next year.

Here is the statement from Helgason:

During an interview with OXM in July, I misspoke and suggested that Unity for Xbox One would be available sometime in 2013. At that time, work had only just begun on those tools so while there will be a very few developers in very early testing phases this year, the Xbox One tools for Unity will not be widely available to developers until 2014. We are currently hard at work on the technology and are making great progress but we are not yet ready to announce any specific release windows. I apologize for any confusion my statement may have caused.

2014 is still much earlier in the life cycle of the Xbox One than the the Xbox 360, so this is still good news for developers.

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