EDGE: PS4 is 50% faster than XBone. Multiple developers confirmed the difference

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I don't think having faster RAM is going to translate to games looking 50% better....

Nobody said that. Why does everyone think hardware capability only affects character model fidelity and texture detail? There are plenty of other things like AI complexity, character-density, and even cutscene/audio/pop-in load times that are affected by it.
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Yeah, so you can look up what games they're making, and apply any conspiracy theories you may have.

What are you, 12? Who thinks like this?

I'd like to know in order to apply more weight/credibility to their words.

No he's right. You know how people are, If they knew which developers said these things, people would go look up which games they're making/made and come back with "LOL their games suck, there goes that developers' credibility, bunch of basement dwellers".
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Like I said in another thread. None of this makes a difference if the games aren't good. They can be showers. But how fun are they to play I wonder? Right now people are blinded by the next gen hype. Once that wears off..it's all about the games. THAT should be the difference.

I'm starting to think that developers and publishers are using all of this as a marketing tool. If Nintendo gains a little momentum, an it's quite on the Sony front, all you have to do is get some interviews together that says the Wii U sucks, and the PS4 is 50% stronger. Guess what? Gamers will eat that right up. Why? They're devs!

A lot of these interviews come up 'at the perfect time'. So that's why I'm starting to believe it's just a bunch of marketing/PR/smoke and mirrors. For me? I'll just play the games, as that's what's going t matter in the end. Not what this dev, or that dev, can do with said hardware (which conveniently always contradicts each other on an "easy" to program for console(s)).
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I'd really love to know exactly who these developers are.

Yeah, so you can look up what games they're making, and apply any conspiracy theories you may have.

That seems to be the case here.
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This is still here?
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