Kids will get the will get the Xbox One.

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What is a man?

to a lot of young inner city youth a man is when you've been through prison thus automatically making you a man. What they don't know is the horrors these 'men' experience in the less guarded blind spots in the prison, like the shower room...

To others though, a man is a miserable little pile of secrets!

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Have at you!
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Men don't play vidja games. Men go out and play CoD IRL.
Men go out and play leisure suit larry IRL.
Men go out and punch random people in the face for no discernible reason.

Lel TC, lel
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What a sad generation I live in.
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Kids will be on playstation home, Men will be video chatting with hot women on kinect.

Kids will adapt to the laggy software found on PS3.....Men know that only software found in the XBox 360 is suffice.

As a man, I am getting an Xbox One.

I bet this guy is ugly.
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What is a man?

A miserable pile of secrets?
But enough talk.. Have at you!
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