The Witcher 3 - Will there be a difference on Xbox One vs PS4

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Done & done, my account may become active on XBL again as my live in brother plans on getting one & he'll probably use my Account so who knows.

Ok cool - I'll accept as soon as I can. Just moved from NY to Michigan and I have to get some cat5 cable..... : )

Yeah, me and Skynet here will be committing crimes in GTA V once the multiplayer is up, and you'd be welcome to jump in man. : )

And you recently just moved to Michigan huh, Skynet? You're not far from me at all man. I'm in Chicago. : )

Cool. Yep, my wife got a great offer from her job and they gave us the executive relocation package - they're selling my house in NY for me, packing everything and moving us with a nice amount of cash incentives, so it was a no brainer. I've lived in NY all my life (on Long Island) and it's just so damned expensive there.

My new house here (near Ann Arbor) is twice the size, nicer and cost about 200k less - ha ha - yea, that's not a typo - 200k less.
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