Does anyone remember Mission Impossible for the N64?

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raddicuss posted...
Imagine the possibilities of Kinect and you know.... *whispers*.... teh sex.....

I see...well just noticed your sig think I'll take your advice and stop talking to you
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why would ethan hunt need to be masked as me
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Ramsus082 posted...
I remember playing it, and it had some awful forced-stealth gameplay a lot of times, but yeah, I can see your point about it's ideas being brought to better fruition with a next-gen-Kinect makeover.

I agree it was awful at times, like a trial and error game. Although I remember feeling a real sense of achievement when I beat it(was 13 at the time). I think the main problem with it is it came out pretty close after GoldenEye which people probably were expecting a game like that.
"Were you born in the backseat of a bumper car or something?" - Dark Syde X 3226 regarding HH1's stupidity
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ItIsOkBro posted...
why would ethan hunt need to be masked as me

I can see what you are getting at and I know he usually only uses the masks when he needs to be someone important. But say he needs to just blend in as some random regular person or perhaps when starting the game you can scan in your face as one of the main villains, if not the main villain.
"Were you born in the backseat of a bumper car or something?" - Dark Syde X 3226 regarding HH1's stupidity
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never heard of it, sorry man. i brought up the n64 about a month ago. i know rainbow six is hard. its fun in short bursts, what a controller lol. interesting idea with motion controls.
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The Jackass posted...
I remember buying this game new, but that's besides the point. Anyway I know they made other M:I games(never played them), were they good?

I think with this kind of game they could make it very interesting with the use of kinect. From the use of gadgets, lock picking, and the coolest idea I can think of is for undercover missions the face scanning could be used to make the masks Ethan Hunt wears.

Of course to get the right feel you'd have to get Tom Cruise to do VO which is very unlikely but a really good sound-a-like would do.


Holy **** I thought I was the only one that remembered this game. Countless hours of joy spent on Mission Impossible, GoldenEye, Duke Nukem, Armorines, MK64, Pokemon Stadium 1/2, WWF No Mercy... The list goes on and on.

I'm about to fire up my 64.
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rasmus, sorry i called you out like that, i have been reading all i could find on the situation and literally came here for a break. the first thing i click on uses a john kerry syria argument regarding xbox, then gun control, then i read yours and was like wtf. in reality its a good thing we bring it up. its most likely brought up cause we are all thinking about it and irl if ww3 is on the table, i dont think i should be able to escape that issue. so thats where i was coming from, it was literally like bam, first thread, bam 2nd thread, and you were the 3rd. i also was a little disingenuos on the point of telling you to keep it in politics when i myself hate being pigeon-holed. so for what its worth, thats where i was coming from,
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Yeah, but, really, let's talk about Winback.
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Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
that game was so difficult. i had no idea what was happening half the time. took me weeks just to find the spy in the early part of the game when you're at the party and gotta go in the bathroom

I had a bigger problem when you had to escape the mental ward or whatever the place was? Its the mission where at the end you have to get on the scaffolding to go to the roof. That one was such a pain in the ass because you could fail it right there at the end of you were to close to someone or didn't move fast enough. Then you would have to start the level all over again. The party mission was one of my favorites though. I think there was music in that one? I just remember that level was so much fun walking around and talking to random people and spiking drinks.
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I was just thinking about this a few months back. It could be a great series for the Kinect, there is a lot of potential.
A possible example, you would have to control a kinect equipped sentires and gadgets, and prototypes. So the real kinect would be used in a way in the game that would be exactly like in real life.