Why are PS4 fanboys so obsessed with the Xbox One? It has barely any advantages

#1DesperateMonkeyPosted 9/14/2013 7:15:50 AM
Seems PS4 fanboys are going crazy trying to bash the Xbox One. But most of their attacks seem completely irrelevant.

They say MS does 180's. So what? Sony does this all the time. Took out BC, added in rumble, said hates achievements then adds trophies, says Bluray is good for games but proves Bluray makes games slower and not bigger, charges $600 for a console and is now going standard parts because of the failure, no headset but now headset, no subscription but now subscription, etc etc. There is no difference between the two companies on this front and Sony will do whatever it can to make profit much more desperately than MS will.

Then we have silly talks about advertisements. This is nothing but a distraction Sony fanboys are putting up due to a poor launch lineup. They only have Killzone as a major PS4 title so they say because MS has advertising, they aren't "focused" on games. Only ONE company is focused on games and thats Nintendo. Look how well that works out? This is a fallacious argument in every respect. Lets look at a value that does matter since only ONE company has spent $1 billion on exclusives so far.

NSA/Spybox? Another silly catch phrase. People post much more private information about themselves on Facebook/twitter/youtube but why aren't we complaining about those? The people on this board already know about all the privacy terms. Its a fallacy to think everyone cares. This information is also not going into the hands of the public for all to see, only an MS data base shared for marketing reasons. Do you see Xbox people going over to the PS4 boards and listing security as the reason to not get a PS4? Thats right... most people would rather marketers have access to information than to have their credit and personal info leaked to hackers.

The other hilarious thing about Kinect is that Ponies try to list it as a negative. But it isn't a negative. It can only be a positive. It gives you a 6 player motion controller, more games that work with motion and voice controls, auto sign-ins, much smoother abilities to multitask, type with voice and do UI functions without ever accessing menus or stopping your game.

Then we have the most ridiculous argument of all... that MS wants to MAKE MONEY... Did everyone think that losing $6 billion dollars over 10 years was going to remain the norm? Sony Ponies go around shouting about how MS is so greedy yet they are the ones losing money in this so far on the Xbox. The generation hasn't even started and they've spend billions on servers, a billion on games, a billion on Kinect R&D and a billion on marketing.

Now lets look at what advantages the PS4 actually has over the Xbox One:

-Better graphics (not yet, but at some point)
-$100 less
-PS+ gives free games

Yes... its a very short list and two of those issues just depends on how much money you have to spend, not an actual difference in the console. This is the reason why Ponies are spamming this board with misdirection and claiming that NO ONE can like the Kinect. The trolling here is more desperate than anything I've seen and I've been on the Wii boards in its hey days.

Now for those who are interested, the Xbox One actually has plenty of advantages:

Kinect comes with 6 player controller and supports more casual games
Better UI accessibility options with voice and motion
Snap allows two apps to run simultaneously
Future family sharing
HDMI passthrough
Future plans for digital resales

As you can see, the list of actual console advantages the PS4 has over the Xbox One is a short list and is mostly about price. Granted not everyone has a ton of money to throw around but the extra money you pay isn't a concern for everyone either.
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Hey. Stahp.
#3DesperateMonkey(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2013 7:17:21 AM
Granted some people only care about graphics. I acknowledge this. The problem is the reverse and people think that only price and graphics can matter while all other features MUST be useless to everyone else. Xbox people aren't the ones telling PS4 fans to get an Xbox, its the other way around.

Yet all we hear people talk about on this board are things about MS or other silly attacks on the advantages rather than hearing about PS4 advantages.
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I stopped reading after the implication you have to be a Sony fan to not like the One.

I really hate this idea that these are the only 2 possibilities.
#5motoraptorPosted 9/14/2013 7:20:05 AM
I agree with a lot of things you said, particularly price point. While $100 is $100 and that makes the PS4 cheaper, if I were a gamer who could only get one console this generation I wouldn't want my decision to be based on $100.
#6DesperateMonkey(Topic Creator)Posted 9/14/2013 7:20:59 AM
Who said Sony fan? I am a Sony fan. The people trolling here are Sony FANBOYS. I have a PSV, PS3 and am going to get a PS4.

Look at the topics I make on the PS4 boards. I defend the PS4 for its great hardware and massive online improvements that are WORTH the $50. I also make topics about how amazing PSV connectivity will be for me.

Btw, remote play! There is a REAL advantage. See how Sony fans come up with good things about Sony while Sony fanboys come up with BS about Microsoft?
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As your nickname states, you are desperate.
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babamig posted...
As your nickname states, you are desperate.

Says the person who comes in here to use someones username as an argument ^^

And more ponies arrive! Watch as the flail around about my user name because they can't list any more console advantages and don't like how the listing of features look.
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Yup, it's aaaaall PS fanboys. Keep telling yourself that.
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