Why are PS4 fanboys so obsessed with the Xbox One? It has barely any advantages

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So what your saying is Sony FORCED the blueray player on us! What! They MADE you buy it even tho you didn't want it. You say it added to the price. THEN YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT THE XBOX ONE?? But I bet you will say that is different, right. It's OK for Sony to do it but not MS?
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why is this crap going to 500?
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zmd22 posted...
So what your saying is Sony FORCED the blueray player on us! What! They MADE you buy it even tho you didn't want it. You say it added to the price. THEN YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT THE XBOX ONE?? But I bet you will say that is different, right. It's OK for Sony to do it but not MS?

Who said its different? You must be confusing me with the dumb fanboys in this topic who thinks Bluray was not the same as Kinect. The only difference is that Kinect actually is suppose to add to gaming while the Bluray player was purely for media and made games slower. From a gaming stand point, Kinect 2.0 is far more useful than the 2x Bluray player was for the PS3.

Aside from that, both are forced upon people who are interested in the system. Its your camp thats dumb enough to argue otherwise.
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Calm down, what do you expect from Sony fanboys? They are just afraid that XBox One will kill off PS4 this gen. It's obvious that after the disaster of PS3 Sony couldn't afford any mistake. If PS4 doesn't succeed then there is no other way for Sony besides leaving the gaming industry for good.
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Its hilarious that these fanboys are still peddling the "lol can't trust MS 180's!" crap when the PS4 is built on 180's and trying to copy everything MS did last generation with online and parts. Then to top it off, Sony has just bad news all around for the company itself, the PS3 lost a crapload and it looks like Sony could buckle at the next sign of failure. They've never had a record better than MS for satisfying consumers but apparently, we only start keeping record NOW, for PS4 even though its not released and ignore all of their silly past.

If any company is stable, its MS. They have far more financial backing and have been a lot more receptive to gamer demands than Sony has. Only fanboys can logic that giving people what they want = bad. Is Playstaion lost because its 180ing on online fees, trophies, PSN features, hardware specs and PS wands?
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DesperateMonkey posted...


What company does not have a good will deficit? PS3 completely burned gamers and so did PS2 warranty policies. Nintendo is probably the worst of the three because it knows it can scam gamers while it holds Mario hostage.

Again, I'm not so sure that the PS3/360 comparisons are relevant anymore. When you consider that for many, many core gamers the PS4/XboxOne are the only option, you take the lesser of two evils. Right now, Microsoft's goodwill deficit is happening now and affecting the demand for the product. You can cite Sony's miss-steps, and sure, they've made plenty of them. But none of them recently, and obviously not enough to affect brand enthusiasm.


It's a bit of an issue that gamers can't trust Microsoft with much, like with fulfilling a vision for a console that's been inconsistent, at best.

From: DesperateMonkey: Thats a really lame argument. Kind of like the dumb xbots who called out Sony on their back pedalling.

No, it's not a lame argument. Think about it. How many gamers are still waiting for Microsoft to release a Kinect-less unit? Still? After all their confirmations that it'll never happen. I'd imagine that it's a lot of them. They wouldn't be as confident in holding out for it if Microsoft hadn't completely reversed plenty of their policies recently, right? If they stuck to their guns from the beginning they'd have more credibility when they tell the consumer what their vision is.

Achievements suck! Trophies! LOL pay for online play... PS ! Party Chat/play? PS HOME! Cell is the future... OK no it wasn't! Bluray makes games better! Oops, it didn't!

Your references are outdated. Nobody buying a PS4 cares about the PS3's miss-steps, obviously. Why aren't we talking about their current problems, if there are any? Those are what would matter. This is a new generation, with new consoles and new controversies. If your point is that you want everyone to consider Sony's problems over the PS3 to make it "fair and balanced" with the XboxOne criticism, well, that's probably not going to happen. It straight-up does not matter any longer. If it did, we'd see it in the demand for the PS4, wouldn't we?

Sorry but MS has absolutely no confusion on the future. It was pretty clear what it wanted to do but gamers couldn't accept it.

So, they reversed course completely. If "confusion" isn't the right word than we'll pick a synonym. They had a vision, and changed it. Regardless of who benefits(most of us) from their changes, they don't inspire confidence in the vision, which is why we see more and more people holding out for just one more 180 from them.....the Kinect-less unit.
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#457Ramsus082Posted 9/24/2013 9:57:29 AM
Saying you don't trust MS is a hilariously bad argument.

It's not an argument, it's a perspective. A position. Informed by their current policies and reversals, not the ones they made seven years ago. The ones they made in the last five months or so.

You trust SONY?

I.....don't know? I mean, we're talking about game consoles here, how far does my "trust" really need to go? The PS4 is shaping up to be a terrific console for the hardcore gamer. Does Sony's miss-steps from seven years ago or so overwhelm the ones Microsoft made just recently? Look at the pre-order demand disparity for the answer to that one.

You then make a silly argument about PS4 not having these problems.

Which arguments are you referring to?

These arguments aren't outdated at all. The PS4 isn't even released yet. We are talking about trusting the COMPANIES but you want to completely ignore Sonys long history and just pretend that only the PS4 is relevant. Maximum fanboy logic here...

No, we're talking about consumer confidence behind the new products, not whether we "trust" the corporations. I'm explaining to you why Microsoft is running at a confidence deficit, and it's because of their recent mistakes and miscommunication in the face of improved competition; You keep referencing past mistakes as if it's supposed to be just as equal in consumer's minds as recent ones, and I don't know why you're doing that.

Again, you are just another poster who wants to trust Sony and not MS while ignoring their history.

You're creating an argument I didn't make so you can argue against it. I never mentioned trust in Sony, I said that mistakes made seven years ago are a little less relevant to consumers than ones made five months ago. You don't agree?

MS's involvement? As far as MS is concerned, they don't wantn to be involved at all with the NSA.

....Good for them...? They are involved, they are turning consumer data over to the NSA with most of their products. What are we arguing here? That they're not involved, or that some one who cares about it is a conspiracy theorist?

MS like Sony has no choice as long as they operate in America.

You're mis-informed. No Japanese company is legally subjected to assisting the US government with spying on their citizens like Microsoft is doing, unless you have confirmation to the contrary somewhere? American companies, American government, American citizens. If you have a link backing up your argument that Sony is also spying on US citizens, can you please post it?

he only reason MS has been involved in the past is because they are a software company and has mediums for which the government can gather intelligence. Sony's PS Eye is just the same and you'll be able to not use one just the same if you are so paranoid and think this will actually happen.

No, that's not how it works. Foreign companies aren't subject to forced US government surveillance. I know it would make this whole thing a lot more "fair", but it's not happening and to claim it is happening with Sony would make you the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Is that what you're claiming?

Your argument that MS wants to help the government against its own interest is laughable.

I'll give you a second to show me where I said that MS wants to help the government against it's own interest. Otherwise, you're arguing in bad faith again. No more strawmen, please. They're assisting the government in spying, and I don't particularly care why and so I didn't even comment on their motivation, so....
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#458Ramsus082Posted 9/24/2013 10:09:55 AM
Let me try and summarize so far:

DesperateMonkey: Why do people criticize the XboxOne and Microsoft so much? Sony made mistakes and had problems too.

Ramsus: You mean with the PS3? I don't think that's relevant anymore. The PS4 is about to release

DP: Why not?

Rams: Because we're talking about the PS4 and XboxOne now, not the PS3/360 anymore. New consoles, new policies, new controversies.

DP: So? They still made mistakes.

Rams: They are still mistakes, yes, but ones that have no bearing whatsoever on the PS4 anymore. It's a new console with new policies. Microsoft's mistakes and reversals made six months ago are more relevant than Sony's mistakes six years ago.....when we're talking about the disparity in criticism now.

DP: Mistakes are mistakes, why can you trust Sony and not trust Microsoft? Why trust any of them?

Rams: We're not grooming them for marriage, we're just buying their products. When a company comes out with vision, gets unprecedented backlash and criticism for it and is forced to reverse them, along with several other policy reversals afterwards, it creates confusion and undermines their current messaging. Plenty of people just don't know whether to wait for more reversals before they purchase an XboxOne.

DP: Why are you just excusing them?

Rams: I'm not excusing them, it's just that most people really don't care about a set of poor policies for a console that's already released; What's more relevant is a set of poor policies for a console that will soon release. See the difference there?

Let me know if any of that is unfair to your position.
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