Xbox Upload Outreach: "Killing Zombies With Xbox 360"

#1Hudsucker20XXPosted 9/14/2013 9:03:58 AM
I uploaded my Xbox Upload Outreach entry last night, figured the Xbox One board might get a kick out of it.
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#2pblimp360Posted 9/14/2013 9:11:29 AM
This was you man? Badass. : )
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#3bessy67Posted 9/14/2013 10:32:05 AM
lol, nice. I hope you win it.
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#4ACx7Posted 9/14/2013 10:47:38 AM
Nice! Good luck in the contest.
#5yanksfan4247Posted 9/14/2013 10:52:23 AM
Died @ the crafting station.
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#6DEKMStephensPosted 9/15/2013 12:50:02 AM
Damn, that's much better than mine xD
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#7CapwnDPosted 9/15/2013 12:54:56 AM
Very good.
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#8Hudsucker20XX(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2013 12:25:36 PM
Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun!

Looks like people are enjoying it; it's a couple of days later and I'm suddenly at 400 views. Not bad for my first YouTube upload.
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#9TBONE_OGPosted 9/18/2013 12:33:22 PM
Good job!
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