Where did you pre order your Xbox One?

#1HaloDad020508Posted 9/14/2013 7:32:22 PM
Hey guys. Looks like I am gonna be able to afford a X1 at launch. So i am trying to figure out where is the best place to pre order one and get it on day one? I went on Gamestops and Best Buys websites. Gamestop doesnt have them for pre order but I dont know about my local store. Best Buy is taking pre orders at my local store and website and my gut tells me I have the best chance to get one at midnight launch. What you guys think?
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#2GambitbuzzkillPosted 9/14/2013 7:35:21 PM
#3CapnStankyPosted 9/14/2013 7:36:51 PM
Your best option now is Microsoft.com. They're the only ones I still see advertising Day One editions.
#4RevolverOspreyPosted 9/14/2013 7:39:06 PM
My Xbox One pre-ordered me.
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#5McNabFishPosted 9/14/2013 8:12:46 PM
Game. When the new lot of Forza editions were released, I went by and managed to change to that pre order version.
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#6micheal82Posted 9/14/2013 8:34:01 PM
Gamestop for my Xbox
Amazon for my PS4
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#7georgewduff1Posted 9/14/2013 9:03:38 PM
Me i got it pre-order at my local Toysrus store...5th on the list...

Dont want a online order that take 3-10 days to ship...
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#8Samfu303Posted 9/14/2013 9:07:26 PM
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#92ndAtomiskPosted 9/14/2013 9:11:37 PM
Pre-ordered mine at Amazon.
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#10mike468Posted 9/14/2013 9:23:51 PM(edited)
Bestbuy.com because both next-gen systems where up for pre-order within an hour of their final price being announced at E3. Pretty much gaurenteed a launch day system.
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