PSA: If you want the Xbox One, get it at or near launch.

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Think of it as an investment.

You like the hardware, so you want to see it take off.
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TBONE_OG posted...
maheo30 posted...
I get your point TC, but why would I buy an X1 (that is the system of my choice) when there aren't any games at launch that interest me? I'd just be buying the system for it to sit in the box.

This is basically the same as those people who say, "Why should I vote? It's not like my one vote matters" according to what the TC is trying to explain.

your vote doesn't matter unless you care what giant company gets the kickbacks in exchange for funding the election campaign. and it's up the sony /Microsoft to have games that people want so they buy the system. IT IS NOT OUR JOB TO BUY IT SO IT GETS GAMES. besides there's always the hyper loyal fans who will buy the early systems.
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