Battlefield 4 - Multiplayer Trailer CoD Ghosts just wet itself.

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Ghosts has FreeFall as their dynamic free-flowing map. BF4 has all of their maps as their dynamic maps.

It's sad that people can't see that things like the skyscraper falling in BF4 and the gas station falling in Ghosts are the exact same thing.

As I've stated in post 2 I'm a CoD guy but come on the only similarity is the theme of a skyscraper. Beyond that it's all BF. It's like saying a pond is the same thing as an ocean.

Well, it's like saying a scripted destruction animation is the same thing as a scripted destruction animation. One's bigger than the other, ok. Both affect the map. Both are triggered by the player. Both are canned animations.

Why is the skyscraper falling any more impressive? I mean... sure... it's "bigger," but we're talking about video games here. It's just an animation. Is it because it moves the C-flag? Ok. So if Ghosts makes good on the promise that FreeFall will have dynamic routes along the map, will Battlefield fans praise it similarly? I doubt it.

I'm a fan of both Call of Duty and Battlefield. I don't really find either destruction impressive. I think that destroying a village in Bad Company 2 by blowing apart buildings piece by piece until they collapse seems a heck of a lot more impressive than the canned skyscraper animation in Battlefield 4. But that's just me.

You are horribly missing the point.

The OP that started this is pointing out that the "canned" animation of destruction in CoD is relegated to only a single map, whereas in BF every map can essentially be destroyed, you keep trying to single out a single skyscraper in BF and pass that off as the end all be all for comparison to what CoD is attempting to do - the two can't be compared because it's far more broader a spectrum than just a single skyscraper, scripted or not.