Xbox One will destroy all other consoles whether you like it or not.

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I think past speaks for itself and rumblings of them wanting to cut Xbox division out is troublesome for anyone interested in buying a One. I mean they literally abandoned the Xbox, then 360 hit a wall with games last year or two....and now if the One doesn't meet expectations i see them release less and less new ips and games and just will eventually stop supporting it completely.

Then you will see alot of third party devs quotes on failed relationship with Microsoft and will stop making games for the One. Much like how things are going with Wii U.

Then expect nothing but all games to be Halo 5,6,7,8 and9
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ThunderPotato posted...
I did take this into consideration actually.

Nothing was going to beat the PS2. It came out earlier, had all the hype, all the games, great price point, DVD. Literally perfect timing. Xbox was good for nothing but laying the ground work to Microsoft's console gaming strategy.

360 built the fanbase. Ignoring the Wii's cult phenomenon status for awhile, it is safe to say that all 3 consoles enjoyed fairly equal sales. I personally think
the RROD probably hurt sales too.

Now the One. Microsoft has gone back on every "feature" there is to find fault with. They've got the fanbase and atm, you could argue the better launch games. The only thing keeping Microsoft from winning is Microsoft.

no the Xbox brand got real RPG's off the PC and on consoles I'd say that's a good legacy.
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