Xbox1 won't have a lot of the STUFF the 360 has for a while says ALBERT

#21NeoMonkPosted 9/20/2013 10:41:40 AM
MrZone posted...
A lot of this was speculated knowledge. I think even fanboys can agree that XB1 is being rushed to market.

how dare you make such outrageous claims?! A LASHING for you & your so called "logic"!
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With all the stuff ups MS has done with the x1, its amazing anyone has preordered this pile of junk. If this console doesnt have problems within the first year i will be amazed.
#23Kuebel33Posted 9/20/2013 11:27:10 AM
It's a little foolish to think for instance, that the eleventy million apps, tv apps, etc on 360 would be available at launch for xbox one... people should know this...
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BruceLee1974 posted...
Doesn't sound like the Xbone is no where near ready to be released ...

I don't think you said what you actually mean there.