"As a non-American this is unfortunately the vibe I'm getting from the Xbox One"

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Looks like a string of letters and symbols.
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Sucks to not be American? I guess so cause that console looks great!
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#6SoulTrapperPosted 9/20/2013 8:38:44 AM
It is marketed mostly towards America, which is their biggest market.

More than half of the TV stuff is absolutely useless outside of America and they even withdrew launch consoles from some European countries so they would have more stock in America.
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Don't worry, even as an American I feel like this console wasn't designed for me.
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ironically, the ps4 still has a much bigger NA audience then the xbone lol
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As a few people on Reddit pointed out, this is basically the same thing Sony and Nintendo have been doing for years- giving special attention the their country of origin. Not much different from releasing special themed/colored consoles and certain games only in Japan. At least the delay, while unfortunate for those countries, means they're trying to get things right with Kinect and such before releasing.
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HelmesSeifer posted...
Don't worry, even as an American I feel like this console wasn't designed for me.