Dead Rising 3 locked at 30FPS

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User Info: Sniper_Brosef

3 years ago#21
BudWisenheimer posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
yazman666 posted...

You never liked it to begin with. Zombies never get old! Especially with how many will be in this game!

I wouldn't be surprised if you could go through this game without ever "shooting" a single zombie.

True. As long as I can make my lightsabers again I'll be good!
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User Info: crucial

3 years ago#22
will have it Nov.22 cant wait one of my favorite series.

User Info: DamnEvilDog

3 years ago#23
I remember the old days, when I downloaded the demo for Dead Rising I thought it was AWESOME... until I found out about the timer... and the fact people could die if you were not in a certain spot at a certain time.

Dead Rising 2 I fully passed on, but I have it now and will take a poke at it since it was free, but for me it is worse because you have a little girl to take care of... ugh... I have a lot of issues in my life, most of them are medical (rel bad stuff) and last thing I was is to be stressed about a game and feel anxious.

Dead Rising 3 is a must buy now, I just hope it ends up being as good as it seems to be, I have a hard time trusting Capcom anymore, but solid 30fps,no timer, exploring, crafting and co-op is everything that I want in a game, as long as I enjoy it with all those aspects I will be having a great console launch with Watch Dogs when I need a break from zombies x3
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