So if I'm playing a game and someone wants to watch TV...

#1bksonic123Posted 9/20/2013 3:41:38 PM
... can I snap the game to the corner of the screen while another family member watches TV?

I recall seeing this at the reveal but I'm not sure if it's just for Skype or for everything.
#2ValkeeriePosted 9/20/2013 3:42:31 PM
You buy a Wii U.
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#3bksonic123(Topic Creator)Posted 9/20/2013 3:44:03 PM
So you can't do that on Xbox One?
#4The_NightwingPosted 9/20/2013 3:45:35 PM
You tell them to **** off.
#5AwayFromHerePosted 9/20/2013 3:57:43 PM
In a picture in picture setup, the main screen if the largest, and the popped in picture is roughly 1/4 the size.

That is not ideal in any situation.
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