Investors calling for Microsoft to sell off its gaming division!

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82xeno posted...
MS profits due to Live Gold. Since $$ is require for online now for Sony, expect them both to profit fairly equally....well, advantage MS because they shove advertisements everywhere and designed this console with advertising in mind.
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Who cares if MS gets out of the gaming market, their exclusives suck. I mean Halo for god's sake, what are we? 12?

MS exclusives have received better ratings than Sony's overall in the past 3 years, smart guy. Try again.
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MS is too much of a big company to be in the games industry, they don't really care about games, that's why they don't belong in it. Thye should just stick to PC's.

Since MS has come to the Console business:

First company to start to charge for online gaming on a console with Xbox live
First company to start charging for DLC, Avatars, gamer pics, themes, Map packs
First company to charge to change a gamer tag for ***** sake

I just don't like the direction MS is heading, and if they had it their way all their policies would be true with the Xbox1. They like to control way to much, that's why I'm glad their is another option with Sony. Nintendo is there too, but they focus more on the kids.
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As much as I dislike Microsoft for their policies (still), that has to be one of the stupidest articles about it I have ever read.