Would you be annoyed if Microsoft removed the Kinect to lower the price?

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I own and love Xbox 360. I did not own PS3 this gen. I bought a Kinect and after giving it a chance, I hated it. I had no plans to go with Sony until the Xbox One reveal. MS had me until mandatory Kinect.

I won't even consider buying Xbox One until they remove Kinect from the equation.

We won't miss you.

Be annoyed cause it would be something else taylored to the entitled gamer. Who thinks devs need to bow to gamers.

They would pretty much have to redo the whole navigation to make it easier for people who just can't except change.

What is an entitled gamer? And what is it "taylored" for now?
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I would actually consider buying the console... as long as there is any interesting games, so far there are none.
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If they removed Kinect i would cancel my pre order,Kinect is part of the system now so deal with it
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If by "annoyed" you mean "actually consider purchasing the console".
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It would confirm to me that every wrong decision they can make... they'll make.
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Are there any innovative kinect games on the horizon? Hello Xbox, goodbye Xbox, football Xbox, turn channel xbox. OK there's the innovation!
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As the title asks. Hypothetical. Let's say March 2014, sales are sluggish. Microsoft misses their sales goal and decides to release a model without Kinect for $399. What would your reaction be?

Of course they will release a game console without Kinect at some point.
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Id be annoyed that it took so long for them to come to their senses.
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Yea, voice commands couldn't possibly work with anything as low-tech as say.... a microphone.