Fallout 4?

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snowboard340 posted...
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I want Boston.

well going by the little info out there thats where it's going to be.
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Detroit is winning
Paint jobs that are made Crazy. Not generic designs that one could find on the storefront.
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I think it'll be Boston or New Orleans. I want it to be New York.
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Has anyone ever been to Detroit? There are parts of it as they currently exist that look as if they pulled directly from the FO series. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mocking it or making fun in anyway....its sad really.
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New York - not just Manhattan.

The scale of the buildings, the island of Manhattan, being able to go to the Statue of Liberty - all of these things could just be amazing. It could also be interesting to see them trying to revive Broadway and other cultural aspects of the city after such devastation. I can already picture Rockefeller center with the tree still up and ash falling from the sky.

Then there's the subway and rail systems which could be used both as means of getting around and as fast travel points.

Depending on how the fallout was and how close it was to NYC, it could provide a completely different style than previous games.

It's odd. I've only been to NYC once and grew up in the south (so very much anti-Yankee upbringing), but this would be a VERY interesting location.
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" Manhattan"
Lol I think you mean NYC, Manhattan is a part of it.
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I think Orlando would be cool roaming around all the destroyed theme parks.
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why does it need to be in the states.

London would be amazing for that game.
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Manhattan is winning
Paint jobs that are made Crazy. Not generic designs that one could find on the storefront.