Anybody else think 60fps looks weird?

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SunDevil77 posted...
Reflex-Arc posted...
It (high frame rates looking strange) depends on the content. Live action looks weird to me in HFR. The Hobbit in the theater was so distractingly odd looking to me that it was almost unwatchable. Games, on the other hand, are amazing with a high frame rate.

You think so? Once I got through about 20 minutes of The Hobbit, I thought it was beautiful. I'd like to see more directors make movies at 48FPS just to experiment with it. Something like Mission Impossible 4 would have been great in HFR

Yeah, I couldn't stand it. To be fair, sweeping and panning landscape sequences looked quite nice, but anything with actors involved looked unnaturally sped up and weird. It completely skewed my opinion of the film to the negative. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that I just wasn't used to it. Maybe my opinion will change with time.

There are some high profile HFR releases in the works, so I'll have plenty opportunity to see if the style grows on me.
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It's a fine article, nonexistinghero, but it doesn't contradict anything I said. In fact, it confirms the obsession with 60fps is arbitrary, we can see much more.
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That's because you're so used to 30fps (or lower). Once you get used to it, going back to 30 looks like a stuttery mess. As for why it's better, you get a new frame every ~16ms instead of ~33ms. You get better feedback on what's going on and your actions get registered a bit quicker, which makes controls feel more responsive. That split second can be the difference between killing and dying in a fast paced game.

Except everyone has that same "delay" in a competitive setting. So that's a wash.

For single player you're telling me you can't plan 33ms into the future? Very few games have anything that comes out of nowhere. Your general time to register and respond is rarely less than 2 seconds.

Of course I can still play at 30fps, but why would I want to? In games requiring precise timing, the quicker response time is invaluable. You wouldn't think such a small time makes a difference, but it's very noticeable.
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human eye can see 220fps according to one study.
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scoobydoobydont posted...
It's a fine article, nonexistinghero, but it doesn't contradict anything I said. In fact, it confirms the obsession with 60fps is arbitrary, we can see much more.

True, but that doesn't mean 60 is bad. 17 fps causes more eye strain, because your eyes have to do more work. Same goes for 30 fps compared to 60 fps.
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scoobydoobydont posted...
It's a fine article, nonexistinghero, but it doesn't contradict anything I said. In fact, it confirms the obsession with 60fps is arbitrary, we can see much more.

ANY number is arbitrary - 60 just happens to have been "the best" we could get for a long time - for arbitrary reasons. I use a 120Hz monitor now and 60Hz looks goofy to me for desktop work - 120Hz is arbitrary, but I'll take it over 110/100/95/85/80/75/70/60/59.

For movies, yeah, we've all be conditioned that HFR looks bad (yet, you should see the framerate on a good Broadway production...) Let's not condition ourselves to think interactive media ought to be as slow as film though. A racing game at 24fps SUCKS - a shooter at 24fps is pretty bad too. Some games don't "need" high frame rate, but it's a pretty rare game that would suffer from a better frame rate. I look forward to the standard moving past 60, personally.
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tc is lame. That's what happens when you play console 30fps too long. You start to feel 60 is "too fluidy"! smh. Yeah such a bad thing for BF4...
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Erevile posted...
Except everyone has that same "delay" in a competitive setting.

I don't.
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MeaglesV posted...
I don't know about games but I know had to turn off the motion blur assist thingy when watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Looked like a daytime soap opera with it on.

I personally love that effect. It feels like I'm watching people act through a window rather than watching a TV show or movie. Its a bit strange to see at first but I felt like I was missing out before I had my 120Hz television.
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It depends.

Our eyes and brains are wired to see things in certain ways.

Real life is probably more 60 fps, and oftentimes live tv (like the news) appear to be very 60fps.

However, movies and tv showsare traditonally shot in 24 fps and thats traditionally what our brains expect when we watch movies/shows.

When the hobbit was released at a higher frame of imagination, most people HATED that - it gave the movie a "live footage from a camcorder" quality and didn't feel cinematic like we are accostomed to. Of course, other people will feel differently.

I think is a similar thing with games. I can play and enjoy both frame-rate styles.

I honestly find 30 fps more natural- being more in line with what we see in the cinema- 60fps just has this odd "glidey" quality to it. Its nifty for really fact action, competitive shooters like CoD, but 30 fps feels more earthy, and gives more of a weighty quality to movement.

I think I've arrived at the opinion of campaign shoud be 30fps, online multiplayer- 60 fps and that works best.