Any way to still get the day one model?

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3 years ago#1
Just curious
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3 years ago#2
Try big box stores like Target and Walmart
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3 years ago#3
RollnThunder213 posted...
Try big box stores like Target and Walmart

Has anyone had luck with this? :/
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3 years ago#4
three of my local target stores still have signage up for pre-ordering the xbox one. this signage is also part of the isle planogram reset so it probably can't come down even if sold out until the next plano change. I would have asked the employees about it, but they never seem to be around. No such signage is up for the ps4 at any of the these locations and I dont know if there ever was either.
3 years ago#5
You know, I told myself I was going to take a very long hard look at both systems this time before pre-ordering. As for Sony, the choice to pre-order was easy since there's at least 3 launch games I want to play plus the next few years look outstanding.

Microsoft was a situation I needed to take a far harder look at, especially after the whole rrod fiasco with the 360 and that's exactly what I did. I wanted to see first and foremost how they would address that this time. The answer is as far as I'm concerned they're doing all they can to prevent it from happening again. The One seems much better built. BUT, I watched all summer to see if that statement/commitment stayed the same and it seems to be. Next I looked at their launch games. Definitely want Forza 5, Ryse and Quantum Theory. So, after a long summer of reflection I have decided I want to get one at launch and I'd like a day one edition. The unfortunate part is that it took all summer to decide so I missed the initial pre-orders. Now scrambling to somehow get a Day One edition and I'm not hopeful I can. I'll settle for a Standard but I'll try my best for a Day One.

My Target also still has the big pre-order signs up so I asked there and the guy literally told me "You gotta be kidding me, right? You honestly expect us to still have Day One pre-orders open? Sorry pal, all ours are spoken for." I have..probably damn near 250 bucks in target gift cards right now so I'd like to get it there. So, I explained that to him and asked if they could somehow squeeze me in. He was incredibly rude and told me not a chance in hell, and if I really want one from that store I can try camping out and if I somehow luck out he will be "happy" to give me one. I understand I took too long deciding but he didn't need to be an ass. The only hope I really have left for target is the next closest store, which is even busier so I'm probably screwed there too :(

The only real hope I have for a Day One console is either Amazon somehow opening additional orders, or that through a miracle someone in my family pre-ordered for me from that Target but I highly doubt it.

I'm just trying to show how difficult a Day One console will be to get fir those of us that took forever deciding. It's not likely, if we're lucky we will get Standard and have to be happy with that. Hey at least I didn't hesitate on the PS4 and got that pre-ordered right away on Amazon! So I got one out of two right, haha,
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3 years ago#6
toys'r'us does pre-orders online for day one
3 years ago#7
I don't know if it says 'day one' on the xbox

but you're getting the 'day one' of forza at least, which IMO is what you want cuz it's 20 bucks cheaper that way
3 years ago#8 still have them in the UK

but they are being sold as part of bundles.
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