Well that rumor around the Xbox One / AMD collaboration took a weird turn...

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Foxx3k posted...
AMD's conference was this morning and it looks like the major reveal is a new low-level API called "Mantle." One of the speculated benefits, per AnandTech, is that this could make it easier to port from Xbox One to PC and maintain a high degree of optimization (ie - approaching console level optimization).

This could have some interesting ramifications, I think. On one hand, it could lead to more Xbox One exclusives cross-appearing on the PC. On the other hand, this could mean that more developers will treat the Xbox One as the lead development platform.

Of course, I think a lot remains to be seen. Especially since as Eurogamer notes, a certain competitor is using extremely similar AMD hardware.

One of the first games using Mantle will be Battlefield 4. I wonder if this has any ties to the rumors / half-truths / dev-talk about Battlefield 4 running at 1080p60 on the Xbox One back at E3. Although, this might not be right because it sounds like "Mantle" support won't be ready for the PC version of Battlefield 4 until after launch, so I have to question how much this affected the console development.


Really interesting stuff. I'm excited to see what this does to the industry.

See why can't every topic creator post like this, he provides a source and doesn't bash anything while being a good critic about it mentioning speculation, good job sir I wish more posts were similar to this. While I agree it is interesting stuff I'm excited as well to see what this does.
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