If Microsoft handled its PR better, would you have had a more positive outlook?

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MS have been honest and upfront about everything.

Sadly the few ponies with the loudest voices spread lies.

Yep. Just like the anti-government movement. They twist stuff and start throwing out hypothetical scenarios of something that hasn't even happened yet, creating this whole overblown backlash. A lot of MS gamers had no problem with the original policies. Even the problems that where legitimate, I could have easily seen being worked out from developer push-back and not staying in place for long. Just like with World of Tanks and indie game development.

Just look at the family share plan, now XBO gamers have to wait because the stupid backlash from people who where going to buy the system in the first place. They went and ruined the expereince for everyone who was going to be buying the system.

I think gamers who understand it, don't have a problem, but I will admit that MS's PR is horrendous at getting it's message out to the general gaming community. They're nothing but suits, most of them come across as not understanding what they are selling and it just perpetuates the gaming communities view that MS is a money grubbing company (all of them are regardless)

The reason why the Original Xbox and the Xbox 360 did so well was because MS had people like Bill Gates and Jay Allard who where great at explaining a lot of the technical stuff with these consoles to every day consumers, in a way that they understand. This year they have been terrible at it.

If gamers didn't have a problem with it, then preorder sales would have been much higher, and the 180s wouldn't have been done. And while the PR and massaging was horrible, gamers knew exactly what those restrictions meant and wanted no part of it.
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so we know what the pre-order numbers are?
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