Microsoft should focus more on games rather than social media or entertainment.

#11bloodlover4everPosted 9/28/2013 1:07:36 PM
Too late TC, MS had concentrated so much on Tv and social media to the extent that they dedicated a considerable part of their console power toward these elements instead of games.

I cannot say if PS4 will dedicate more of their power toward gaming until I see both in the market, but MS had this strategy from the beginning...Kinect, multiple TV channels, every social app in the do not let any one fool you and say this doesn't distract them from concentrating on creating a powerful gaming console as they used to have in the previous generation.
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This console is targeted at everyone not just nerdy kids like the tc.
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SunDevil77 posted...
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looks like they're focusing on everything.

Sony is the one that forgot to bring the games. Knack & Killzone? yay?

they spent all of e3 talking about their movie and music studios......while Microsoft smacked u w/ a bunch of exclusive launch titles.....TitanFall.....AND a Halo announcement

Yea Titanfall that will look and run better on my PC and a halo game that we have no idea if it's in development, you xbotx sure talk allot of crap.

Considering there are pretty specific details on the Halo game and a trailer, simple logic says it is in development.

I'd go so far as to say Halo 4 was originally set for the new Xbox and was later truncated and downgraded for 360. And the new Halo will likely be a well-developed representation of their original plans.
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They should have done that when they designed it, too late now.

They can shift their marketing, but the consoles hardware is made with apps in mind, not games.
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grampamurked posted...
This console is targeted at everyone not just nerdy kids like the tc.

Same as Wii?
I do not like to start stupid arguments here but you have assumed two things:

1. Those who want games only console are kids, so all PC gamers are kids as well!

2. Social and media entertainment are targeting adults only!!!

Wii wanted to bring everyone to the console market so they create the Wii controller and it did give them the first position this generation. MS and Sony are trying to put irrelevant things which are far from pure gaming to attract non gamers but I am not sure if this did serve them well!
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EastCoastKody posted...
looks like they're focusing on everything.

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Laughable tc. Gaming consoles for gaming? May as well drink the wine instead of smelling it and spitting it into a bucket. Peasantry!
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Should have focused on games.
Could have focused on games.
But didn't.
#19ExempliGratiaPosted 9/29/2013 8:18:19 AM
Other than the initial launch when the said they weren't going to touch games until e3 when did they go that much into tv again? I've seen nothing but game announcements and features recently at their press conferences.

On another note Sony basically showed all games first at the initial launch and then rested on its laurels and started taking shots and barely talking about games. I've seen more about other features recently. They announced all those indie games which is great but as far as their own first party exclusives they've announced only 1 really great one IMO: Infamous.

In conclusion it seems odd people don't believe Microsoft is focused on games when ever since the first conference their focus has been on games.
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#20kyncaniPosted 9/29/2013 8:55:18 AM
The Xbox One focus on games is so bad that Microsoft tried to make online mandatory, forbid used games, forbid indies and force feed us the Kinect at a higher price than any other next gen console out there *before* even having any user base.

The Xbox One focus on games is so bad that when people complained they could not play offline games without being online, Microsoft told us to deal with it.

The Xbox One focus on games is so bad that Microsoft flip flopped on pretty much every single Xbox feature *before* the console even got out.

The Xbox One focus on games is so bad that Microsoft gave us one single Xbox Live game while Sony PS+ gave us more than a hundred of those at a lower price.

The Xbox One focus on games is so bad that all Sony had to do was to show up with just a game console last E3 to be met with thunderous applause.

That is how bad the Xbox One is with games.