I looked at the PS4's launch titles for the first time...

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So...what good launch titles does the Xbone have...?

Both launch lineups look pretty meh.
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TurtlePowah posted...
Battlefield 4 (PS4) 255,241 preorders
Battlefield 4 (XOne) 134,457 preorders

twice as many people are buying Battlefield 4 for PS4

For Xboxes bread and butter the game they ALWAYS slaughter every other console in sales with

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) 259,511 preorders
Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne) 254,404 preorders

PS4 is still selling more then the Xbox One ~_~

Get out of here with your filthy statistics.
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Disclaimer (It's a shame that I have to do this but I'll get called a fanboy if I don't even though I state facts and valid points): I'm a PS3, 360 and Wii owner. I have a PS4 pre-ordered, plan on getting a Wii U in December and an Xbox One when Titanfall comes out.

Jedi454 posted...
In comparison to the Xbox One's, it is honestly a joke. I actually Lol'd. These guys will have about 2 games to enjoy until some later releases come out. Killzone is the ONLY exclusive that's decent with PS4's launch titles. Nobody will buy a CoD or Battlefield 4 for the P$4 if they're guaranteed dedicated servers on the Xbox One.

"Killzone is the only exclusive that's decent".

Oh so you've played all of them?

" Nobody will buy a CoD or Battlefield 4 for the P$4 if they're guaranteed dedicated servers on the Xbox One."

Call of Duty: No one knows if it has dedicated servers on PS4 too. However, the community manager said there's no reason for it not to have dedicated servers on PS4. Also, Sony has their own dedicated server solution called OpenStack. It has been developed by Rackspace and NASA (yes, them). All 1st party games will run on dedis but we don't know about tthird-parties. I doubt Sony will want to get left behind though, especially with a big title like CoD.

Battlefield: Battlefield has dedicated servers on ALL platforms. The game doesn't even use Microsoft infrastructure. You'd probably know that if you had played BF3.

Also, most of the people who'll buy those games don't know what a dedicated server is. And considering the PS4 is looking to be a LOT more successful than the Xbox One (I think the pre-order ratio is 5:1 or something like that), it's safe to say those games will sell better on PS4. Proof?

Battlefield 4 + Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4 Pre-Orders in the US): 255,241 + 259,511 = 514,752

Battlefield 4 + Call of Duty Ghosts (X1 Pre-Orders in the US): 134,457 + 254,404 = 388,861

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Natatteru posted...
Yeah, they look pretty meh. As ****ty as the launch exclusives for the XBone really. But no one is stupid enough to buy consoles on Day 1 anyway.

^ this for the most part. in general exclusive launch titles for any console suck....this is done on purpose..It inflates the sales of games that either normally wouldn't sell well or are gambles.

the 360/ps3 launch is a prime example of this.
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Lmao!! I love all you trolls and fanboys. You guys really know how to make me laugh and vomit in disgust all at the same time. All I ever see on these boards are nothing but the same topics over and over again. "We have better exclusives," "we have superior specs," "lol reassurance and wahhhhh babies." You guys really are a bunch of self entitled cry babies. How many of you ever really just stop to talk about just the simple fun factor anymore? Anyone? In all honesty, it seems to me that's what you all have forgotten about. I'm getting an xb1. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to have FUN playing my next gen games.
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