So...only one Xbox One title is actually 1080p?

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capnhowdy18 posted...
Also infamous isn't a launch game for PS4.

It's in the launch window, for one. Secondly, TC didn't say launch.
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1-Killzone is only 1080 in multiplayer
2-Crytek came out and said on twitter that Ryse would reach full 1080p

No, you're thinking of 60fps, Killzone is 1080p natively in both SP and MP. SP is 30-60fps dynamic, and MP is 60fps.

Actually KZ MP is also 30-60fps BUT 60 fps "A lot of the time"
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Yep. Expect more to be downgraded down the line.

Yeah, because development, resolution, and appearance gets worse as time goes on, right?

But, yeah, TC. It sucks. I suppose we will see how well the upscale works.

It sucks? You guys put way too much stock into resolution and other nonsense. I'll take a 480p game with amazing gameplay and story over 1080p Killzone or Forza any day of the week.

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pigman2003 posted...
Titanfall is 1080p
Halo 5 is going to be 1080p

a lot of games are upscaled to 1080p and very few are native.

Battlefield 4 on PS4 is also 720p native but I guess you would conveniently leave that out.

People usually can't tell the difference unless games are side by side and to me things like Frames Per Second are much more important so I don't really care about resolution, to me the art style determines whether a game looks good or not, that said spreading false information and not doing your research makes you look like an idiot.

Titanfall is 720p(but thats because of the engine, Titanfall doesnt look that good anyway) and the PS4 version of BF4 is 720p because of the X1(forced parity).
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them ps4 launch titles are sh*t lol, I have nothing major against sony, but X1 launch is way better. I will get ps4 when a good game comes out.
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Wait.....Titanfall is only 720p?
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Ramsus082 posted...
Wait.....Titanfall is only 720p?

Im sure the X1 is capable of playing Titanfall in 1080p. It literally has 360 graphics. Its actually pretty safe to assume that the X1 version is just a port of the 360 version.
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According to their latest lies, all games run at 1080. Lol
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