I'm so glad I cancelled my Xbox One preorder a few days ago

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TheRealPhattyJ posted...
regsantotomas posted...
Thanks for the laugh.

A guy who has never gotten laid according to his signature claims to have been gaming since the Atari 2600 days.

Uber cool story bro.

That's not what it says, at all. Uber bad reading comprehension, bro. Thanks for the laugh.

ChrisObama posted...
I've been gaming on a console since the Atari 2600/Colecovision days. :(
Not changing this sig until I get laid.

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To summarize:

You aren't getting an Xbox One because the Nintendo Wii U is doing poorly.

You do know the problems the Wii U is having is BECAUSE all the 3rd party support is going towards the Xbox One and PS4.

Next Gen is not up in the air. The fate of the Wii U is up in the air.
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Oh no what am I going to do now that you cancelled you're pre order?I feel sick to my stomach maybe I should cancel it as well since you are?Maybe get a PS4 so I can play no game's on except maybe KZ and a few stupid indies,maybe I should just get a Wii U.