Xbox One is officially less popular than PS4 based on polls, maybe this is good

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MS never had a no used game policy. What are you talking about?


There was a used game policy, but it was not fully no used games, just select retailers to resell to, no private sales.

Anyway back on topic, being the underdog is good, gives us better deals, I get free fifa for my launch XBO, makes price difference only 20. :D
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Polls are wrong unless they're in favor of the bone.
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The community isn't going to change with fewer players. It'll always be full of kids or jerks.
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What really? a SPY BOX/games console is less popular than a non-spying games console? Well I never...
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As an known Xbot, I will say this:

What the hell was MS expecting? They more or less repeated the mistakes of Sony's mindset with PS3. "Herp all these dorks bought the PS2, they'll love the PS3 for its focus on media features!"
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It's the reason why all the bad policies were reversed in the first place. Indie games, used games, 24 hour online check ins, mandatory Kinect. If there was no PS4 XB1 would still have all of that stuff.
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I made this topic on the PS4 board (With a link to the article):

Was going to paste it here but predicted plenty of troll responses.

Xb1 trolls too sensitive
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Hnnn...interesting argument.
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