Xbox One day-one update takes 15-20 minutes because it's the entire finished OS.

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khardbored posted...
I don't deal in rumor and speculation. That is just stupid.
And before you attack me for not having logic, fanboyism, etc etc, I don't care. Until I hear otherwise or from someone more credible, your post is just another rumor.

I just want to point out to you that you are believing there is DRM already on the console that somehow needs a 15-20 minute update to disable ... based on what exactly?

Seems like you are indeed dealing in rumor and speculation from where I'm sitting. What sort of DRM is this that would already be on the console before mass production but not removed before mass production but instead needs a longer than normal day 1 download to "patch" ?

In the meantime we have quotes from Marc Whitten to the contrary. Who are you putting up against him to support your hypothesis?
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BudWisenheimer posted...

Do what you want. Seems like you always do. ;-) But just so you know I'm not as satisfied with this "proof" as I am the common sense it took to realize this back in June when non-anonymous Marc Whitten spilled it first. The size of this download is THE confirmation that it was never a "patch." Like I said months ago the puzzle pieces have been there all along. But I guess some people don't like puzzles. :-(

I'm just saying, an anonymous source is an anonymous source. They either back up common-sense or they don't, and it's weird to draw a distinction between taking them seriously with this common-sense issue but not the other one. If you're not making a distinction like that at all then I'm really sorry, I incorrectly took you to have issue with the credibility of the EDGE article. My mistake.

Regarding Larry ''Flipswitch'' Hyrb, you did fine, I used a tiny part of your point as a springboard to rant about how lame it is to make the argument to defend him, but you're admittedly not defending him. I just saw a springboard.
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Now even Phil Harrison is backing this up:

“The other is that any time that you ask a developer – including, by the way, our own internal studios – in the run up to launch of a console you’re going to get a slightly nuanced answer because the operating system’s not finished, the performance of the machine’s not locked, and as you may be aware we can increase CPU and GPU capability on Xbox One,” continued Harrison.
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And if you don't do that, enjoy Pre-180 Xbone!
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Binba442 posted...
And if you don't do that, enjoy Pre-180 Xbone!

You're missing the point. let me say it again: If you don't do the mandatory update, the Xbone will not work at all. $500 brick/ heater. you get zero functionality until you do the mandatory update. That's straight from MS, it's not a rumor, it's verifiable fact.
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you mean i need to do a system update to play the console?

oh gee its not like the systems dont do that already..../sarcasm
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Have you every purchased a new computer? Damn. Those take hours to compelete some of those updates. 10/20 mins is nothing to fuss about.
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FYI - You need a TV also.

If you don't have a TV (It does not come bundled with your X-1) you will just have an unusable brick.

Just like how last year both consoles decided not to base their consoles off those that didn't have HD TV's, they aren't deciding the future of their console off people living in the 1980's without an internet connection.
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kidwgm posted...
Have you every purchased a new computer? Damn. Those take hours to compelete some of those updates. 10/20 mins is nothing to fuss about.

^ This times one hundred...also I thought and from what I read on IGN was that the 'Patch' on the day of launch was so you can play your games OFFLINE and remove/turn off the DRM 24hr check in, and not download an entire OS.
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okay even if it's true, there are still a lot of uninformed and ignorance people
almost a futile attempt but nice try to inform everyone, thanks tc.
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