My 16 year old daughters friend say he has a Xbox one already, is this possible?

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Bloodkunai posted...
he's probably talking about the original xbox... hence why the name is silly and needlessly confusing

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I'm very glad you're not my doctor :-)
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drclaeys posted...

My 16 year old daughters friend say he has a Xbox one already, is this possible?

I told her they were not for sale yet, but she is 16 and thinks that anything that parents say is "WRONG"!!!!

before I march over to his house, and call him a liar, is there anyway a 16 year old kid could get one of these??

I want to send her a link to this post, so please dont tell me how stupid she is.

Thank you.

PS. and if any teenage boys are lying to girls, please stop. It just makes more work for parents. ( thank you )

As another father who has a daughter, I think the point is, he want's your daughter to march over to his house...if you get my drift.
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drclaeys posted...

Well at dinner last night, I brought up to my daughter that she said, that her friend said that he has a Xbox ONE. Well not the story has changed ( sorry ). she just THOUGHT it was an xbox one.. he never said it.

Why do I ever bother trying to talk to that girl. I have no idea.

I am sorry for this thread. Thank you.

Why do you bother talking to your daughter? I dunno, to keep her off the pole? To keep her away from an unhealthy obsession with clear heels?
This guy are sick.
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this whole topic is dumb and i am unintentionally bumping it
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Your daughter's friend is lying to her, he's trying to get her over to his house so he can show her his Xbone
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The day has finally come when a kid can use video games to impress a girl and get into her pants. Took long enough.
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Congrats your daughter is no longer a virgin!
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just post a pic already... lol