I'd like to get both, but Xbox One or the PS4? Which will hold better at launch?

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You either get the PS4 first or take your Xbox back later. Youre call
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RemakeMe posted...
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Capcom lies alot, and or very deceitful...sure DR3 may not be on PS4...but things like Off The Record, Super DR3....DR3: Directors Cut, DR3 Goty edition, DR3: Dark Arisen...will be.

Now unless Capcom said there will be NO DR3 on any console of any kind version ala Goty editions, Ultimate DR3 etc... then maybe there would be foundation to it...but even then coming from someone who follows Capcom for a long time (mostly) due to fighters lie about stuff all the time and condradicts many things they say on the constant basis even stuff that makes no sense for them to lie.

Titanfall pretty much all but confirmed coming....saying they would like to make for PS4, not sayings it cannot be done. Blurring out obvious PS4 devkits on Titanfall development pictures.

Whatever you need to think to make yourself feel better

i can say the same for you pal. At least there's more evidence in favor of my predictions.

No there's not

Capcom has stated in no way is DR 3 going to be on the PS 4. All this "ultra edition" bs is just wishful thinking on your part. It doesn't provide any evidence at all

Also nothing as been stated about Titanfall going to the PS 4. All this "timed exclusive" nonsense is just from delusional fanboys.
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blitz_0623 posted...

Put it this way. You're also gonna say Deep Down is headed to X1, which I would agree on btw.

Why would I say something like then when they have already said its going to stay on the PS4?

I don't live in this weird delusional world where I just assume an exclusive game will be ported to another system despite the developers saying otherwise
Under a cold October sky, I wait
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Go to any gamestop and see if you can get a copy of the upcoming releases for PS4 and XB1. The dates aren't exactly set in stone or anything, but they'll give you a general idea of what to expect.

To be honest, you may want to pick up a WiiU and a 3DS instead. You can get both for less than the price of an XB1, and they've got the most impressive holiday lineup this year.

If you got them already then you might want to hold out on getting a next gen console for a while.
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