Xbox One is a man's console

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kayoticdreamz posted...
blundermine posted...
Ya, nothing says manly like 10 guys jumping in piles grabbing for balls. And you know what's even more manly than that? Fantasizing about who's best at grabbing those balls.

fail post is fail

Fail quote of post that went too far over your little head is fail.

Seems to be a lot of extra "woosh" this morning.
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If a "fail post is fail" doesn't that mean that the fail failed and so it's actually a correct post?
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fantasy football is d&d for dudebros

And come on xbone has skittles the tiger man. Totally manly.
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It is for men who try to make up for lacking a tumescent addendum.
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Xbox One had always online DRM on their console before which was a bold move. You can't get more manly than that.
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rockman11_z posted...
I mean, it got NFL, Fantasy Football, quality mature games and a racing simulator.

You're a true man if you are going to buy the Xbox One.

Laughable at best...
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people also thought Prison will make you a man. the only thing prison gets you is a phobia for anal...
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HypnoCoosh posted...
fantasy football is d&d for dudebros

Not even close. FF is a mixture of sports and strategy (and luck) that is much closer to Chess. Or at least Magic the Gathering. :)

With two big additional elements: GAMBLING and MONEY. And it's LEGAL. (Unlike the hoops I have to jump through to fund and receive payouts from Bovada.)

When was the last time your wizard successfully flambed an orc with a fireball attack by rolling a 20 on your 20 sided die won YOU $2000? :P
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I thought FF was that anime franchise that attracts perverts and gets worse with each sequel?
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