Microsoft still doesn't have a clear picture of what the Xbone is

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Many of you think I'm a troll but I'm just a realist and this is just my opinion. Thanks for reading and please don't flame me:

The main problem with the Xbone is not the console specs or the games, it's the marketing and PR. There was not enough research done prior to the disastrous E3 unveiling, and that is what triggered this massive trainwreck that is still in motion today. They should've known from the beginning that an always-on, DRM-locked console would not be taken well. They should've known that gamers don't want Kinect forced into their purchase. They did reverse some of those policies though and that was a good move on their part.

Continue on and we're starting to see that the Xbone is not quite as powerful as most would like to believe. This is apparent in Ryse's visual downgrades and resolution and framerate issues in other games.

This is not good news at all, especially when you're claiming your console to be ushering in next gen graphics. Real gamers see right through the marketing crap and MS has failed to impress on the graphics front. I expected next gen graphics to have little to no compromises. If you can't deliver, then don't even hype it up. Before boasting about 150k polys in a character model, they should've been absolutely sure that it was possible to pull off.

If your console is obviously weaker than the competition, don't say anything about it! It's like if Nintendo marketed the Wii's graphics instead of the new motion controls. Market your strengths, not your weaknesses. In the Xbone's case, MS is marketing all the weaknesses and it's painful to see.

Some of us have even tried looking to upcoming Kinect games and just see disastrous things, like this:

Once again, stop with all the marketing hype about Kinect being so advanced it can see the blood in your veins, and make sure that it can do 1:1 gameplay. Support your Kinect developers so they can achieve this. It's embarrassing to see crappy Kinect 2.0 games when it's supposed to be so much more improved than the previous model.

So I wonder, what is left to justify the $499 price tag? The console power is underwhelming, Kinect is underwhelming... Everything just seems very wishy washy, and that is not a good impression to have when deciding on a new console to buy. The newest thing is MS liking the name 'Xbone' when a few weeks ago they called it 'disrespectful and insulting'. It's the little things like this that give the impression that not even MS has any idea what the Xbone is.

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Dev0311 posted...
The main problem with the Xbone is not the console specs or the games, it's the marketing and PR.

So...the things that don't affect my enjoyment of video games?
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You shouldn't buy it if that's how you feel about it.

Get a PS4.
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I have a clear picture of what it is. It's a video game console, and my preferred one to date. Day one purchase.
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I think the PS4 needs to justify it's price tag. They don't have any good games and the one they laughably call their launch lineup are not living up to performance expectations so why should I purchase one at launch?
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Before you choose Xbone or PS4, check this out:

It's a nice tidy information chart about the 2 consoles.
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Dev0311 posted...
Many of you think I'm a troll.


In case the OP was too long to read I simply deleted all the fluff in the middle and left the important parts.
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TrickyPony posted...
I have a clear picture of what it is. It's a video game console, and my preferred one to date. Day one purchase.

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Meh, I guess I'm one of the few not easily swayed by marketing and PR since it affects people so much.
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They know exactly what they want the Xbox One to be. The problem is what they want and what their core gamers want are two different things. Trying to market both what they want and what we want is causing confusion.