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Should I get Strider on Xbox One or Xbox 360?Hucast9211/26 8:01PM
X1's lead designer defends against critics! Fatness of console.
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Ryan-064311/26 7:26PM
i just got wrecked by double updatesSenel_117511/26 7:02PM
downloaded rayman legends. strange problemintolaomair211/26 6:57PM
It is not OUR game that is broken, it is YOUR review process
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GladiatorDanger2811/26 6:55PM
add monopoly to the solid spouse/significant other who sucks at games listkennyynnoo111/26 6:49PM
Seems like the Internet still hates the Xbone
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BPSatsuki7011/26 6:43PM
Next Xbox needs this motto...Iceman831011/26 6:43PM
I Could Not Have Said It Better!
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IMProdiGY2411/26 6:28PM
Do you think it's time to revive BC for the xbox one?carljenk311/26 6:08PM
Worms Battlegrounds free in DecemberPackersXLV211/26 5:58PM
36% chance of Microsoft going Bankrupt in the next two years!O_O
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TheObserver0016711/26 5:51PM
The Crew beta tip: Deadzone 0 and Sensitivity at 75% makes a HUGE difference.QuBix411/26 5:45PM
Give me your gut feeling about comparing original Xbox intro cost vs X1 w/o Kin (Poll)ave11011/26 5:42PM
Is there a better Black Friday deal than Walmart's $300 Bone + Halo MCC yet?ZeroRaider511/26 5:36PM
Of all the time to break.JoeSkeletor311/26 5:28PM
Why are game devs so lazy these days? I want my games at launch to work
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aj4x943211/26 5:09PM
Let's talk Forza 6!Xbox360isbroke711/26 5:00PM
Why is the friend's list so weird
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Scintillant1211/26 4:59PM
games won't load.Ramner84111/26 4:57PM