Is the Xbox finished after this gen?

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Will find out in 2023 bro,tag this topic and come back to it in a decade and will discuss it.
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Will find out in 2023 bro,tag this topic and come back to it in a decade and will discuss it.

You do it for me, k?
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On the contrary, this might be the last Sony's console.

Their financial division is sinking down while MS' is as healthy as ever.

Truth is, they can afford terrible moves and waste a few billions.

Yup, MS sure is as healthy as ever!

Guess you must still be in the 90's.

Are you actually going to try and argue that MS can bring in a record 18.6 billion in total revenue and not be doing well? Their entertainment and devices division's revenue (1.78 billion) has increased 20% also despite the failures you mentioned. The revenue in their business and server's division has grown 13%.

So yes, despite some failures in hardware they are as healthy as ever.

Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD)

EDD revenue increased $134 million, or 8%, primarily due to higher Windows Phone revenue, offset in part by lower Xbox 360 platform revenue.

·Windows Phone revenue, reflecting patent licensing revenue and sales of Windows Phone licenses, increased $222 million.
·We shipped 1.0 million Xbox 360 consoles compared to 1.1 million during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012.

Well, it only grew 8%, not 20% mainly because of Windows Phone, not Xbox...

Windows phone license revenue went up $222 million, but the whole Entertainment and Devices Division revenue only went up $134 million.
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hopfully its sonys an microsofts last console.
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Steve Ballmer seems to assume so.
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