If it was possible, would you prefer an XB1 without ads?

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My apologies, I thought you were showing me just another screenshot like a lot of other lame posters have. Wasn't expecting an article.

Nonetheless, the ads will come, and given Microsoft's history, I am not out of place to remain skeptical until I see how their ads will affect me.

Probably, and Sony will have ads too. 'Tis the nature of online gaming these days, unfortunately. But I don't think either will be too bad.
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JohnHalo343 posted...
No, ads are capitalism. Capitalism is good, ergo ads are good.

For whom?
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Of course I'd prefer it. I share this guy's opinion:


I feel like Microsoft should take a page from Nintendo. The Wii U and 3DS have such simple and clean interface. Even if you aren't into Nintendo systems, you have to admit that they're free of all the clutter and far more intuitive.

It's about keeping things simple and aesthetically pleasing... which aren't Microsoft's strong points. In fact, the moment they changed to the current dashboard is the moment I stopped using Xbox 360 as my main console just because it no longer makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I boot it up.

It's like they go out of their way to show you that your console doesn't belong to you anymore. You see whatever they decide you should see. Imagine if that's what you saw on your PC or your smartphone EVERY TIME you booted it up.... you wouldn't tolerate it there because it would be considered bloatware or malware. The same is true on a console.... this dashboard is 90% bloatware you cannot remove.
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JohnHalo343 posted...
No, ads are capitalism. Capitalism is good, ergo ads are good.

For whom?

For all parties involved. Unless you are communist, of course.
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The ads are beneficial to the service, and are helpful in directing me to sales and whatnot. Not to mention, I don't exactly know what I would fill the gaps up with, anyway.