Not gonna lie, I was a Sony Pony, but now I am going to get an Xbox Won.

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fail topic is fail
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So, you're saying I'm poor? Just because I'm not as well off as you doesn't mean you can hold yourself above me.
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GuyFawkes5 posted...
fail topic is fail

being glibly redundant is redundant
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And here is a room filled with people who actually believe the TC ever had a preference for Sony:

*points to an empty room with a cricket chirping*
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ImThe8thWonder posted...
And here is a room filled with people who actually believe the TC ever had a preference for Sony:

*points to an empty room with a cricket chirping*

Oh good, I'm not the only one that has trouble believing TC.

BTW, TC you lied by saying you're not going to lie. That's a double lie. Shame on you.
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Not gonna lie, TC made me laugh.
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SilentS89 posted...
Not gonna lie, TC made me laugh.

I liked linking the Knicks to the Xbone, though.
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embrandedone posted...
SaintSeiyaX posted...
specialed1583 posted...
Titanfall unfortunately isn't a launch title.

Still, that's amazing. Luckily I am not poor and I can afford the $100.00 bucks.

180!! 180!! retreat, retreat! Pretend I typed my Opening post without the least bit of research! Xd

Tane, you must have a good life, no?

Every time I read a post that is puzzling I check the user name and see embrandedone... why do you care sooo much about something you hate?

I bet you're a real pleasure to be around.

Saint seems excited for the Xbox One, so let 'em be.

A lot to be happy about in the next couple of months!

Titan Fall may not be launch, but it's being hyped up just as much as release day titles. I can see the confusion, especially if you aren't the type of person to devote every waking hour to gathering game info off of gamefaQs, and belittling those who don't know.
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PolishCockatiel posted...
I think the TC is being sarcastic and mocking pro XB1 people with his claims of not being poor and intentional misspelling of Ryse as Rize :-l

^ this...I thought it was quite clear to be honest.
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82xeno posted...
SaintSeiyaX posted...
The system has won me over with some awesome launch games like Dead Rising, Killer Instict, Forza, Rize, holy crap the list goes on and on.

No, really...go on.

and the PS4 has? Octodad >_>
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