Not gonna lie, I was a Sony Pony, but now I am going to get an Xbox Won.

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The system has won me over with some awesome launch games like Dead Rising, Killer Instict, Forza, Rize, holy crap the list goes on and on.

No, really...go on.

and the PS4 has? Octodad >_>

There are only probably 4 games in the next six months that I actually want. FFXIV (already owned, with free upgrade to PS4), Destiny (multi-platform shooter that will save both consoles), maybe that 1800s shooter on the PS4, forgot the name. Gameplay will determine whether or not I like Bethesda's attempt at a MMORG. I wanted to like Ryse, but I watched a few videos. It didn't go well.
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Nice trolling TC. LOL
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Im sorry but xbox1 hasn't even won a poll
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Sure are a Sony Pony,

LMAO lvl 3. That's laughable.
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