Experienced Xbox One at Aussie EB Games Expo yesterday, including Titanfall.

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Hey all,

spent 6 hours yesterday at the opening day of the EB Games expo in Sydney, and managed to get a good amount of game time into a heap of cool stuff including PS4, Xbox One and some new Wii U games.

Xbox one games i got to play were Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse Son of Rome, Titanfall.

After touring both the PS4 and Xbox One booths the Xbox One booth was much more well managed, they had Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports Rivals setup as just walk into the open both and wait for a turn, with Forza 5 having HEAPS of units setup to play.

Sonys PS4 booth wasn't smartly setup, there was one line just to get into the PS4 booth, which meant significant delays getting in there unless you had a VIP pass, even if you only wanted to play one game.

The Xbox One booth also had 3 seperate lines to go behind the open area to play DR3, Ryse and Titanfall. The lines kept moving at a fast pace all day and i managed to get a few goes of each title in the end.

First game i played at the expo and i was in the second group to experience it. We all got taken to a room to watch a video demo initially, which explained the controls, how the game plays, the difference classes and different titan types etc. After that it was a team based match upstairs.

I was on the fence about the game, i don't mind the cod games but i dont play them religiously like many do, despite the fact i do find them plenty of fun at times. Titanfall though is an absolute blast to play, it feels like COD on steroids and its just constantly action packed the entire time.

In my first session i got onto a huge killstreak and got into a Titan quick smart, and went on an even bigger streak after that lol. The commentator in-game keeps reminding you how your teams doing (we destroyed the other team) and the game feels as anti-camping as i've ever seen. So many on the other team were "trying" to camp only to get destroyed left right and center.

Running around, double jumping, running along the walls of buildings then double jumping off them and so on, the game is just all out action and so fun it was crazy stuff indeed.

When the match ended, (i think we hit 400 points and they were only on like 140 lol) there is a final "post-win/loss bit of gameplay" where the losing team had to try to retreat to a drop ship to get away from us, while us winners had to hunt them down to stop them escaping, it was awesome as and a fun way to finish the match haha.

Came first overall in that match, and fourth in a later match, my team winning both times. After playing it, it really does feel like the game is going to be the next big thing in multi shooters, there is just something about it that is just pure fun to play.

Played this twice, but i have a feeling that the demo was based on much older code, because while it was pretty enough, i seen some significant slowdown each time i played when there was too much on screen at once. I'm not talking a few dips either, i'm talking like a slideshow. Now apparently that's been fixed according to recent reports, but it was definitely not fixed in this build we played.

The rest of the time it ran great though, and was a good heap of fun. The amount of zombies as you run around every corner is crazy stuff, and a little overwhelming to begin with. The demo allowed us to start with some cool and overpowered weapons to try, among finding weapons like swords scatting around close by.

I am not a huge Dead Rising fan, (have nether finished either game in the series) but this game i now have on my list of must haves just based on the experience i had. Didn't get to try any missions though, was just survive till demos end.
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Forza 5 looks freakin amazing, smooth, fast, beautiful looking game and the videos online don't do it justice till you play it. Speaking of doing it justice, until you have experience the xbox one controller and how awesome the new triggers are with their feedback, you haven't a clue how good it makes the forza experience overall.

The controller is as important to this game as the 60fps 1080p visuals. They just go hand in hand and are perfect in every way. The feeback through the rumbling really forces you to drive better and the first few corners into the races it just clicks what you're doing wrong and when your doing it right.

Each demo station was only 1 lap of Laguna Seca but it was the perfect track to show off the new controller imo. The turns involved in that track including the big-un was perfect to teach players the triggers properly, played forza about 5 times through the day and enjoyed it immensely every time.

Had a great experience overall, got to play some awesome xbox one stuff, enjoyed my time on the PS4 (including playing NFS RIVALS on it) and got to play Mario 3D World (which is ten times better than i expected) along with DK Tropical Breeze, (also awesome) and seen Mario Kart 8 which looks nuts. Both the PS4 and Xbox One had games that looked and played great, and both controllers are fantastic to use. Can't wait till november now.
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You say you experienced Titanfall, but have you seen Titanfall?
#4Jedi454Posted 10/4/2013 3:47:35 PM
Titanfall sounds really promising, so does Forza. I'm not sure about DR3 because I haven't played any of the games in the series, but i'll see what reviews say about it when it's released.
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#5saiyankakarotoPosted 10/4/2013 3:53:30 PM
Cool,thanks for the info,i have preorder both systems now that you can unplug kinect,i cant waitĄ,i only got one question,was ryse any good?
#6Massillon_GPosted 10/4/2013 3:59:00 PM
Twitter pics with your child or didn't happen. Really though thanks for info. Sounds great.
#7mmm_BabyBoyPosted 10/4/2013 4:02:37 PM
Looks like next gen is shaping up nicely. I hope Mario isn't that good because I don't want it taking up too much of my X1 time.
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saiyankakaroto posted...
Cool,thanks for the info,i have preorder both systems now that you can unplug kinect,i cant waitĄ,i only got one question,was ryse any good?

Ryse was visually gorgeous, gameplay is along the lines of just about any God of War Clone going out there. If that's your sort of thing i'm sure you'd love it, while for me i tend to get bored of the god of war games usually well before getting close to finishing them.

Controls are rock solid for it, i'm not yet sold on it as a launch title, mostly will be waiting on reviews as i'd like to see how big the campaign is, and if it gets boring and repititive over it. One of the best graphically at the show though thats for sure.

@Massillion, haha nice, yeh did take heaps of pics (and funny enough you mentioning child we did take our 4 month old son to it lol) but haven't sorted through pics yet.
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mmm_BabyBoy posted...
Looks like next gen is shaping up nicely. I hope Mario isn't that good because I don't want it taking up too much of my X1 time.

Mario had 5 levels to choose from in the demo i played, i only got to play 2 of the levels. Its heaps of fun, looks gorgeous, and playing it multiplayer was quite hilarious. When they first showed it at E3 i was a bit meh about the whole thing, but having played this demo has changed my mind on it all. Lucky for us aussies it comes out a week after the X1 (but a day after ps4 lol)
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DR3 has been a must have game for months. Even more so now that the framerate is locked at 30fps, so there should be no dips.
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