What does Japan really think of the XBONE?

#21crucialPosted 10/8/2013 1:18:01 PM
MS and Sony are pretty much giving up on it because in Japan they hate HD gaming on TV's and they do not buy consoles any more like they use to,in fact the mainstream there make's fun of console gamer's,they see them as basement dwellers or nerd type's and are going mobile or 3DS,just look at japan's games they release for consoles,they all try to make americanized game's that fail big time like Lost Planet 3 or Remember Me.

Outside of Capcom's fighter's and a few titles here and there japan is pretty much dead trying to compete with american dev's,when was the last time you seen a good FPS or sports game come from japan as of late.

PS4 not being released in japan this year just shows how much is in japan and is the reason Sony's focus is on america and europe and locking up american devs/game's.