I like both Playstation and Xbox, but Xbox One is doing things better

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I'll address your points individually.

Point 1; The ps4 actually has way more exclusives in its first year than XB1

Point 2 The dualshock 4 is receiving massive praise from blacklight retribution devs & battlefield 4 devs, & thats just the fps guys, even more from other genres sing its praises, as well as gaming journalism sites

Point 3 The ps4 does full installs now, but can also play from the disc, & also can play digital titles, AS they download

Point 4 The ps4 not focusing on motion controls via a kinect like feature hasnt exactly hindered it this gen, & the majority of gamers seem to not really care about kinect games

Point 5 Yeah so the X1 is receiving some JP support eh? Sony receives support from the most devs in europe & japan, with just as much NA support as the X1.

Just playing devils advocate, & I cant sleep >_>

I'm aware that Playstation 4 definitely has been working with developers, especially to create exclusive content for them. Some things, I guess we'll have to wait and see. With this generation, the FPS and online scene has been all about the Xbox 360, so we'll have to see how the PS4 fares in this. If PS4 does allow full installs that is great. I still think the Kinect is a big deal, especially for the Just Dance series, for example, which is popular. All of the families and dance fanatics are going to go straight for the Xbox One.

I guess I should state, that they both have great games that are coming out and obviously the competition has been good for each company, but especially for gamers.
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I'm not saying Xbox One is not a great console, because it is. It's going to have great games and great exclusives. Still Sony, always goes the extra mile and covers their bases really well. They're just more willing to experiment and try new things. It's worth looking at the Playstation 4.

^ See I can do that too.

1. Sony has roughly 110 games listed on here, while the Xbox has 60. Surprisingly the PS4 has exclusives, between Indie and full retail are equivalent to the total amount of Xbox One games in total listed on this site.

2. Technically no one can argue the controller due to the fact that no one owns the next gen consoles.

3. Worthless thanks to low amount of HDD space, and the fact that games next gen maybe 30 + GB.

4. Gimmick only has 5 games being made, and other features may or may not work.

5. Based on what I have seen they are getting multiplat Japanese games. Sony still has this argument won thanks to the fact it's a heavily dominant console in japan. At least 10-15 games are Japanese titles/ some might come to US. And 2 of which are multiplat, and the rest are exclusives.
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How come no one points the finger at guys like sharkpowah and shouts "SHILL!"?
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Still Microsoft, always goes the extra mile and covers their bases really well.

Uh, did you forget the part when they tried to screw us over?
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You prefer the XBone?
I'm sure you deserve it.
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As a gamer you're missing out if you don't get all consoles, including the Wii U.

I stopped reading there

I'm sorry but SSB and Pikmin are reason enough alone to get the console. Not even going to mention other awesome games.

Lol Pikmin.
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So. Much. Reassurance.
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5) Xbox One is already beginning to get the Japanese developers.

The Xbox 360 did an excellent job courting Japanese developers and bringing out great Japanese RPG's and other unique titles. In fact, I think the best JRPG's and Japanese games were on the Xbox 360. We're starting to see hints of this with D4, which is an exclusive Xbox One game being made by a Japanese developer. If Microsoft can get another Lost Odyssey 2 or something, Microsoft can once again make magic happen. Microsoft is just more willing to try new things. I've noticed that Playstation tries to be more Western and focus their games on Western tastes, and this means that Microsoft goes ahead and makes gorgeous and super Japanese games. Of course, Playstation will still have Japanese games (like they already do), but Microsoft deserves credit for commissioning quality Japanese games with the Xbox 360.

I'm not saying Playstation 4 is not a great console, because it is. It's going to have great games and great exclusives. Still Microsoft, always goes the extra mile and covers their bases really well. They're just more willing to experiment and try new things. It's worth looking at the Xbox One.

Lmao if you want to play japanese games you play playstation no hardcore jrpg fan would get an xbox in their right mind.Xbox had like 1 or 2 mediocre jrpg games. While playstation had many like Tales chronicles, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia 2, Demon Souls, KH 1.5, WKC1&2,Disgaea 3&4.. The list goes on... the xbox does not deserve credit for commisioning any quality japanese games considering they weren't first party...

Those RPGs are all ps3......
Just like the 360 and ps3 I plan on getting both the x1 and ps4 so exclusives don't bother me.
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Titanfall isn't an exclusive because it can be purchased on the PC.