Project Spark - Volcanoes, Dynamite Throwing Squirrels and MORE!!

#1zerooo0Posted 10/9/2013 8:12:36 PM(edited)

They go into more details into the brains I can't explain it good enough to do it justice watch this video or rewatch the stream because it's a really cool feature, they go into more details with the Logic Cubes which made a Volcano, more demonstrations on 2D Platformers on what we can expect, playable as a Goblin, and Light Sources.

I highly recommend watching the videos as these guys are really putting a lot of effort into Project Spark and isn't just some cash grab F2P. Even if you're not getting a X1 I recommend if you have a PC/360 I recommend checking it out on the other platforms also since supposedly the maps MAY be compatible for all MS platforms. Which I find it pretty cool.

I can't wait for the Beta later this year, and hope my Laptop will be able to run this if not 360 it is.
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#2pigman2003Posted 10/10/2013 12:14:32 AM
Project Spark is the perfect Free to Play game. Make a powerful creation template, span it across the 3 most populated platforms, add a cool Kinect feature, and make it free to play and you got the recipe for what maybe the biggest free to play game next generation.
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I want small ninjas with arm cannons that surf tsunamis.