John Lewis predicts X1 will be more popular

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JohnWall32 posted...
Xbox one wins usa and uk...not surprised.

PS4 will win both. Xbone a slight win in US might be possible, but still unlikely.
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The dude that banged pocahontas and rode the might missippi river on a saddle tanned for a one legged hooker and with his dude bro johnny appleseed filled california with pot?

They are going to rock the states on the patriot purchase then!
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If you drop a phonograph needle on Lewis nipple, it plays the Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

John Lewis is a son of a b****.

A toast to John Lewis!
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Exodus_Prime posted...
I am so lost in this topic...I have no idea what's going on..I feel like Towelie.

google "bill brasky snl"
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I used to work at the John Lewis in Bluewater, it's the biggest store in one of the biggest shopping centres in all of Europe and it has a grand total of one two-way dedicated to video games, it was literally about 2 square metres.

Just saying, not exactly the most relevant of sources.
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This may be the funniest thread I've seen in the last 5 months.
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John Lewis is like the man from Del Monte, only instead of saying "yes" he stands in a dark corner burbling "Xbox won!!!!"
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This thread reminds me of the Charles Nelson Reilly song from Weird Al...
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HENTAIDOJI posted...
John Lewis. So important he has 2 first names.

I never trust someone with two first names.
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I heard someone dared him to eat a bucket of nails once. He emerged from the bathroom several hours later with fifteen yards of railroad track and half a freight train. The man has made lemons out of lemonade. He is what every man should be.