Xbox One doesn't have more exclusives than than the PS4

#101_Elite_Bushido_Posted 10/11/2013 3:45:37 AM
sworder posted...
PS4 line up crushes the Xbone

the order
earth defense force
the show 14
deep down

games not on xbone

guilty gear xrd
diablo 3
dynasty warriors 8
final fantasy 14

and LOL at people mocking indies but bringing up Crimson Dragon or D4 (Kinect games), at people mocking f2p but bringing up Killer Instinct, at mocking unnanounced titles from Santa Monica or Naughty Dog but bringing up Halo 5

so much reassurance

Because Diablo 3 being on everything already makes it important? Dynasty warriors and FF #1763491? Couldn't care less. Injustice hardly matters at all if any. People have been there done that.
Guilty gear? Yea ok maybe but I'll enjoy KI more.
And lol at knack, driveclub, and earth defense
$ony Ponie$ and trolls-