ps fanboy very impressed with Xbox one article

#11IzecPosted 10/10/2013 11:33:48 PM
And were I ever wanting to boost my nerd credentials by splashing out on a second console, the Xbox One would almost certainly get the nod

So basically he admits it's still inferior to PS4 regardless of how good it is.

There's little new information present in this article TC. We know DR3 and Forza 5 will probably be good. Haters aren't saying that Xbox One is going to be a garbage console on it's own. Just that it's redundant in comparison to PS4, aside from a few exclusives.

I didn't know that Kinect lets you shout out orders to soldiers in Ryse though; little things like that are what they should be marketing to get gamers to accept Kinect, instead of all the irrelevant "TV!" garbage, but MS gonna MS.
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