Xbox's Aaron Greenburg makes unprofessional and hypocritical dig at PS4 promo

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TheBorderCollie posted...
CyberneticRat posted...
Oh ok, so if Sony takes a shot at MS it's okay and 'funny' but when MS takes a shot at the PS4 it's 'immature' and 'unprofessional'.

And people criticized MS for flipflopping...

^^ This.

But then...what do you expect from the Sony crowd?

that does go both ways though. people defending MS were saying the jokes against them were immature but now that it's going the other way it's good humor. Face it, there are **** people on both sides of the fence
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You must have missed Sony openly attacking Microsoft at every press conference they have had sine E3.
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Greenburg is just mad his taco box didn't have a winning code :D
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I found it quite amusing, even more so when you read through the comments and discover this gem.
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