is there going to be a Facebook app for Xbox One?

#1eastofeastsidePosted 10/11/2013 6:51:47 PM
Rumors are that an official Facebook app will be released with Windows 8.1 next week. Since Xbox One runs Windows 8 this increases the likelihood of an eventual Xbox One Facebook app.

Achievements automatically posted to Facebook?

Can see this cross-app/platform functionality happening.
#2chrish909Posted 10/11/2013 6:54:27 PM
I thought a facebook app on ps4 ane x1 was definant.
Sony promised 30 first year exclusives for ps4 first year. Too bad they are mostly indy titles.
#3motoraptorPosted 10/11/2013 10:14:52 PM
There are countless devices in the house to access Facebook now, and my console would definitely be last on the list.

Yes, even behind the toaster.
#4darkphiresagePosted 10/11/2013 10:33:36 PM
I'm pretty sure even my new mop bucket has a goddamn facebook app now.
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