If you could get 2 free consoles. Whats your combo and why?

#21GrayFox684Posted 10/12/2013 1:21:18 PM
Already have all of current gen, and have a Wii U, so I chose PS4 and Wii U so i could have PS4 and sell a Wii U for more games :)
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#22UkichiTachibanaPosted 10/12/2013 1:26:22 PM
ps4 + xb1

Just gonna grab the two newest consoles. Already got a gaming PC.
#23blitz_0623Posted 10/12/2013 1:28:34 PM
PS4 + X1
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#24ShaunageAUPosted 10/12/2013 1:30:12 PM
PS4 and X1, because I already have a Wii U, and they can not POSSIBLY be any worse than that.
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#25ThatPersonGuyPosted 10/12/2013 1:59:19 PM
I really don't know why people are picking the Xbox One.

If you don't like Nintendo, then just get a PC and not support Microsoft's horrible entry into gaming. Yes, it's been improved over time, but agreeing to support it just says that you're willing to accept something like that eventually.
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#26ThatPersonGuyPosted 10/12/2013 1:59:45 PM
SuperSocrates posted...
PS4 and Wii U. Second choice would be PC and PS4.

NEVER confuse "excuse" with "explanation", It is one of the worst mistakes people have with their judgement.
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#27jjg737Posted 10/12/2013 2:01:51 PM
Ps4 and X1, reason being they are both expensive and both have exclusives that I am interested in. Would've maybe chosen a pc over 1 of them, but honestly it would be better to wait I'm sure pc will get some really nice commercial hardware upgrades in the near future after ps4 and x1 launch. Besides I'd rather build my own pc.
#28harcoreblazerPosted 10/12/2013 2:23:14 PM
PS4 and PC.

If it was a 3 console combination i would choose the Wii U too.
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#29SetzeraPosted 10/12/2013 2:28:50 PM
2 PS4's.

For local co-op, even when online.

Already have my PC.
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#30Killah PriestPosted 10/12/2013 2:46:19 PM
If we're talking about to keep? neither.

to sell, one of each.
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