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User Info: Izec

3 years ago#111
ZeoDefender posted...
Izec posted...
Well, I'd guess:

Graphics: Xbox One
Storage: Xbox One
Controller: Xbox One
Online: Xbox One
DRM: Strangely, Xbox One; transferring Wii U's digital titles is a huge pain
Features: Xbox One
Cost: Wii U, $200 less with free multiplayer
Exclusives: Wii U
Third-party support: Xbox One

So if you were only going to get one next gen console and it had to be an Xbox One or a Wii U, you're probably better off getting an Xbox One (unless you don't have much money to spare).

So games are irreverent to you?

It's not a matter of games being irrelevant, it's that Wii U and Xbone balance out there. Between the two, Wii U has better first-party exclusives, and Xbone has better third-party exclusives.
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User Info: odanzrexorc

3 years ago#112
ste_1 posted...
Inc sony ponys voting for wii u lol

I'd vote Wii U over PS4 too, games matter and Wii U actually has games I want. Doesn't change the fact that PS4 is better than the xbone but both are mere ants compared to the Wii U and its existent library of games.
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