I played Xbox One today....I was not impressed.

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_DevilBob_ posted...
Forza looked just like a 360 game, literally indistinquishable from Forza Horizons.

Could see that from the first time they showed it, with all the focus on nearly indiscernible graphical improvements and overly stylised trailers that clearly have little to do with the actual gameplay.

Killer Instinct was just a bland particle effects overdose. It was very clunky and again did not look like something that should be called next gen.

This, too, is pretty obvious. The gameplay looks dumbed down and DH seem to have little understanding of what made the original games special. (hint: it wasn't Clayfighter-esque combos / gameplay flow).
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But you are impressed with the Indiestation 4 though?it's launch line up is sad and what's even more sad is the top 3 pre ordered PS4 games are KZ,CoD and BF4 lol the game's Ponies hate on the most,PS4 is the next Vita.

Dude, I never even mentioned another system. This topic is about what I thought of the Xbox One after playing it. So stop trying to project your insecurities about the system you seem to have chosen to back this generation on me or anyone else on this board.
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The TC's sig is oh so very appropriate here....

Awful trolling attempt, TC....

If it makes your worldview more manageable to scream and shout and beat your breast that all who speak out against your beloved console maker of choice are all trolls (TROLLS, I TELL YA!) then by all means paint me as some sort of Internet villain so that living your life in a tunnel can make a little more sense to you.

When people disagree with you in real life, I bet you are secretly calling them trolls in your head, aren't you?

I absolutely hate when people aimlessly throw commas into sentences as if they make the poster sound like they graduated from Harvard... #just,sayin #pet,peeve #ChrisCarter,Come,On,Man

I have always found that when people begin nitpicking grammar and punctuation on the Internet it generally means they have nothing of worth to say and have no counter argument to anything anyone has said.

Did you have something to say that isn't worthless or are you going to chime in with an opinion?
That silence you hear is the sound of my eyes rolling.
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vgsrule posted...

Yes, graphics are supposed to look better when a new generation of hardware hits the market, otherwise what is the point of "upgrading?"

Because the new games are going to come out on these systems, and I won't be able to play those games on my current system. Therefore, if I want to continue to play new games, I will need the new system.

That's pretty much the only reason I get new systems for. I don't really care if this generation continued for 10 more years.

All I hear from your statement is confirmation that the graphics DO look the same and as far as you are concerned, that is a-okay!

I have no eye for graphics, so I can't tell if they're better. But yes, I would be fine with that.

Maybe for you that is fine, but I have higher standards than that, especially when a company's entire strategy for enticing people to buy new console hardware is, "Ooooh, look how new and shiny!"

Alright, I don't have high standards.

Except, in this case, it isn't. The next gen system makers are shoving spec numbers down our throats and trying to dazzle us with tech demos and, according to you, we are not supposed to expect amazing graphics from a launch game in light of this (and in addition are "stupid" for expecting such?).

That's just marketing. Every system ever made has talked about how awesome it's going to be, regardless of how true it may or may not be.

I don't pay much attention to the marketing, in other words. And I don't have any clue what most of the specs even mean.

If that's true, that we are not supposed to expect amazing graphics when a new system launches, then why the hell do console makers spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing new hardware to entice a new generation of consumers into dumping money into their platform? Huh?

Because graphics seem to be the easiest thing to market. And graphics are hardly the only thing this technology is going to improve.

Why not just stick with current gen and bank on its larger install base by focusing on software?

Because most people feel the need to get something new after an arbitrary amount of time, a want I don't share.

It's because people EXPECT better graphics,

As they should, because eventually they will be.

and YOU are saying we should NOT expect that as launch titles start to roll out?

Yes, because launch titles rarely look as impressive as late previous gen. Or at least, are not as polished, and suffer in other areas for the areas they may be better in. Then a couple years in, they'll start being more impressive very consistently. Every generation does this.

You say that, and have the gall to call ME "stupid?"

If you expect this generation to act any differently than the previous ones, despite no reason to believe that, then yes.

It must be nice to live in a world made up of your own rules, huh?
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Most if not all the launch games for both Xone and PS4 look like 360 and PS3 games to me honestly. The next gen wont really have that "omg the future is here!" games till probably next year, when developers really know how to get the most out of the hardware.
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zephirraines posted...
ILikesCheese posted...
_DevilBob_ posted...
Forza looked just like a 360 game, literally indistinquishable from Forza Horizons.

I've been saying this since they first showed footage of Forza 5 back at E3. Anyone who says otherwise is REALLY deluded or drunk off of the Xbox Koolaid.

OR has better eyes than you because the media all claim that Forza looks great. So its just you fanboys who hate on it while praising Knack and Kill of Duty.

Its so funny how wrong you are that only "Sony Ponies" hate on all things Xbox One and Microsoft.

For the record, I hate Call of Duty, don't know the first thing about Knack, and am not planning on buying a PS4 anytime soon either.

Does it cause you actual physical pain to be so often incorrect as a Fanboy, Xbox or otherwise?

If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?
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And Forza 5 is no better graphically than the Xbox 360's Grid 2.

No matter how you want to spin it.
If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?
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I love how one of the main arguments isn't that TC is wrong, but that he should not even expect better graphics because that's the way it has always been with launch titles. Really? That's your argument?

"I have low expectations and so should you!"

Evil always wins because Good is dumb.
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In this case prepare to spend tons on a high end gaming PC.
You will not find anything better looking than Forza 5 for awhile TC, until the next Halo at least
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It must be nice to live in a world made up of your own rules, huh?

Why would I follow any other rules to something that has no rules of it's own?

I'm simply stating my opinion and my reasons for it.